The ONLY Way Brands Can Remove ALL Types Of Content From Social Media & Google

How to protect your brand reputation from damaging online content, without hiring a specialist or paying an agency $100,000's of dollars.

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$163,000 per day in lost sales, and by the time she needed me the damage had already been done.

At the level you play at, the stakes are too high to gamble on. I urge you to protect your reputation online and be proactive with content removal.

Picture this scene you've just released your new product or service into the marketplace. Sales are coming in and the brand equity you've built over the years is returning 100x on your investment. Your internal team is growing, the company’s bottom line is growing, and then out of nowhere, this happens.....

❌ A disgruntled customer/client shares content on social media that damages your brand’s reputation significantly. 
❌ Someone replicates your IP and impersonates your brand to direct sales into their bank account.
❌ Someone uses images and videos to wilfully cause damage to your brand.

The truth is this happens to every brand at some point in time.

Here's how the conversation usually goes, "Ask Sally in marketing how we are going to remove this online content that's hurting us right now."

The problem is that Sally has no idea. Sally has a gun team of marketing wizards but none of them have the slightest clue about the removal of content as they have spent years putting out content instead.

Social Cover is the name of the content removal mastermind program we have built to put the power back in your hands. It gives you complete knowledge on when and how to remove potentially harmful pieces of content as they get posted online.

Now picture this scene... You release your groundbreaking product/service to the marketplace and it does epic things. One disgruntled customer starts a viral Instagram account using your IP (logo, images, and videos) that is catching the public's imagination in the worst possible way fast. It’s gaining traction and an emergency board meeting is called on how to mitigate the issue.

You bring in Sally your head of marketing and ask her what can be done. She proceeds to update you on the fact that Justine from the Marketing team has taken the Social Cover training and has already placed applications to remove the content to the host social platforms. She followed all the standard operating procedures (SOP’s) provided in Social Cover and the newly installed content removal policy the brand follows when issues like this arise. The damaging content has already been actioned to be removed.

Social Cover has been designed from the ground up to educate your existing marketing team on how they can remove online content from Social Platforms and Google. 99% of brands have nothing in place when it comes to the removal of online content
Here's what our training includes to up skill your existing team:

1. What is Content Removal
- A brief look into what content removal is and how it can be applied to brands to save reputation and increase revenue.

2. How to identify what's removable - This unit breaks down the approach of how to look at online content from different angles in order to eventuate the removal as fast as possible.

3. Reasoning Models - A unit of pre-written models for a variety of circumstances where removal is needed. Completely breaks down everything from the impersonation of the brand to copyright infringement.

4. How to remove content - In this unit we breakdown all the Social platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn & TikTok

5. How to mitigate risks - How you can avoid the issues in the first place and protect the brand across social platforms and the internet.

6. How to Monitor content - How to set up the right content monitoring systems within your brand so you know what's being said and when something comes up.

7. Written Content Removal Policy - A policy to implement into your brand.

8. SOP's for Removals - A set of Standard Operating Procedures so any member of the team can be up-skilled and follow the removal process from within the business.

9. Cheat Sheets / Quick Links - These tools give you fast access to platforms removal tools and the complete breakdown of written justifications when it comes to removals.

10. Templates/Letters/DMCA - A selection of templates that can quickly be deployed in any situation you'll face with online content.
IMPORTANT: This is for brands who are serious about implementing a content removal process within their business and have 1 internal member of the team that can implement what we cover.

Here's What Brands Are Saying:

"Since partnering in 2017, we have achieved significant improvements around our brand and IP protection. We have seen a dramatic reduction in plagiarised content resulting in a direct ROI. – We cannot recommend them highly enough!" 
Sam Howarth -
"We sell our brand worldwide so the monetary value that we received as a result of stopping fraudulent companies profiting from selling fakes of our products was invaluable!"

Amy Hembrow -
Saski Collection
Who's this for? 
Social Cover is NOT for everyone!

This membership will be perfect for you, if:

✅ Your brand is valued at $1 million dollars plus and has at-least 1 member of the marketing department internally with the time to learn and implement in the business.

✅ You understand how valuable a Content Removal strategy is within a brand to protect reputation, sales, revenue and shareholder value.

✅ You want to put the power back in your hands as a brand.

✅ You want to provide continued development to staff internally

✅ You no longer want to outsource reputation management & content removal for $100,000's of dollars yearly.
What kind of things will we learn? 
✅ How to use content removal in your digital strategy
✅ How to protect your brand online
✅ How to justify the removal of the content
✅ How to set up online brand monitoring the right way
✅ How to mitigate ongoing risks to the brand online
✅ How to implement a Content Removal Policy
✅ How to implement SOP's so all staff can be used to remove the content in future
✅ When to use legal letters
✅ When you need consulting
✅ How to remove images
✅ How to remove videos
✅ How to remove search results
✅ How to remove impersonation
✅ How to remove IP infringement
✅ How to remove content from Twitter
✅ How to remove content from Facebook
✅ How to remove content from Instagram
✅ How to remove content from TikTok
✅ How to remove content from Pinterest
✅ How to remove content from LinkedIn
✅ How to remove content from Google
✅ How to leverage the terms of the social platform to achieve removal
and much, much more...
How detailed are the masterclasses? 
Each Masterclass is beautifully presented in easy-to-digest modules that run for 15-20 minutes on average. The total Masterclass runtime is 2-3 hours on average, and you have 18 of them to ensure you master every area of the Social Cover Process. 

They're short enough to digest quickly but long enough to ensure every important detail is covered so your team can implement!
How much time do we need to commit to this? 
Since all your classes are online, you can commit as little or as much time as you want. As a rule of thumb, we recommend you commit to at least 1 module per day (20 minutes approx.) i.e: if you have an issue on Instagram, watch that module and implement that strategy straight away.
What kind of support will we receive? 
Post any question on any topic, and you'll get high-quality & high-level responses. There's also a comments & questions section under each module that Frankie personally responds to every day.

What Would You Rather?

So, would you rather spend $100,000's of dollars on content removal agencies or would you prefer to put the power back in your hands so you can deal with these issues internally.

Try it with ZERO RISK.

I have spent the last 5 years protecting international brands online. Now I truly want to teach brands to protect and control their own online footprints.

This is my purpose. This is my mission 🙏

I have been in the trenches removing a mammoth amount of damaging content for brands, celebrities, and influencers. I have spent 1000's of hours testing and iterating the techniques I teach within the masterclasses to make sure you have all the tools at your disposal to protect yourself online.

So if you don't find it valuable, I actually don't want your money.

Therefore, I'm going to give you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Go all out for 30 days, and if it's not for you... let us know, we'll refund your first month, shake hands and part ways for good. With zero risk, I promise you it's worth trying!
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